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Can we say the North Korean?

Posted by Guest on October 07, 2004

I need help about grammatical errors. I'm not sure if below sentences were written correctly. Could you help me out?

First question

" President Bush is trying to bring all of North Koreas neighbors together in a coalition, but Kerry thinks that this is wrong and the US should go back to one-on-one with North Korea even though this is what brought the nuclear nightmare that America is facing today. But he blamed *the North Koreans* getting nukes Bushes fault when the materials for building them came under the prior administration "

Could you tell me why the last sentence used * the North Korean*? Can we say the North Korean

second question

" To judge this debate as if it were a forensics tournament is to miss the point. "

why does a sentence above use "forensics"? Is forensics noun or adjective in this sentence?

Thanks in advance