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Citing online sources

Posted by R. Berg on October 03, 2004

In Reply to: Do-over posted by ESC on October 03, 2004

: : Someone posted this question earlier. I am just not sure how to do this. Can anyone help?

: : And here is what I found online:

: : Web discussion forum posting

: : To document a posting to a Web discussion forum , provide the following information:

: : Author's name
: : Title of posting, in quotation marks
: : Date of posting
: : URL, in angle brackets
: : Date of access, in parentheses

: : 1. Daniel LaLiberte, "HyperNews Instructions," 23 May 1996, (24 May 1996).

: : 2. Art Saffran, "It's Not That Hard," 5 January 1996, (24 May 1996).

: : online/cite7.html

: : Footnotes for Internet sources follow this basic pattern, omitting any items that are not available:

: : Author of the actual item cited (often not given)
: : Title or heading of the item (in quotation marks)
: : Name of the website (underlined)
: : Name of the site's editor or complier (if any), with "ed."
: : Date of electronic publication or latest update of the site
: : Name of the organization responsible for the site
: : Date that you downloaded the information
: : Full Internet address (in angle brackets)
: : There are no page numbers to cite in footnotes for Internet material. (Do not refer to the page numbers of your printout sheets.)

: : When you have to divide an Internet address onto two lines, split it after a slash or before a period.

: : If your computer turns the Internet address into a blue hyperlink, cancel this. (Click on the address with the left mouse button: go to Hyperlink; click on Remove Hyperlink)

: :

If you cite an online source when writing something to be published, follow the style guide that the particular publisher uses. The same goes for citing any kind of reference.