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How would this site be cited in a bibliography?

Posted by ESC on October 03, 2004

Someone posted this question earlier. I am just not sure. Can anyone help.

I'm just not sure how to do that. I'm going to past all this back at Phrase Finder in a new thread and see if some of the academics there can help.

And here is what I found online:

Web discussion forum posting

To document a posting to a Web discussion forum , provide the following information:

Author's name
Title of posting, in quotation marks
Date of posting
URL, in angle brackets
Date of access, in parentheses

1. Daniel LaLiberte, "HyperNews Instructions," 23 May 1996, (24 May 1996).

2. Art Saffran, "It's Not That Hard," 5 January 1996, (24 May 1996).

Footnotes for Internet sources follow this basic pattern, omitting any items that are not available:

Author of the actual item cited (often not given)
Title or heading of the item (in quotation marks)
Name of the website (underlined)
Name of the site's editor or complier (if any), with "ed."
Date of electronic publication or latest update of the site
Name of the organization responsible for the site
Date that you downloaded the information
Full Internet address (in angle brackets)
There are no page numbers to cite in footnotes for Internet material. (Do not refer to the page numbers of your printout sheets.)

When you have to divide an Internet address onto two lines, split it after a slash or before a period.

If your computer turns the Internet address into a blue hyperlink, cancel this. (Click on the address with the left mouse button: go to Hyperlink; click on Remove Hyperlink)