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The money shot

Posted by ESC on October 21, 2004

In Reply to: The money shot posted by Lexi on October 21, 2004

: Professional photographers work for days and months to find the 'money shot'. The image that makes the story, and that picture remains in peoples minds. The National Geographic picture of the Afgan Girl was a good example of a real money shot --- one that makes the career of a photographer.

I was just at a seminar today where a speaker was talking about the "money shot" that hurricane photographers seek. They can get $60,000 a pop for the right footage, he said.

MONEY SHOT - "Highly prominent film or video shot; a shot that is expected to help make a production a commercial success. In 'Psycho' , the 'money shot' would be the shower scene. Also called a money-making shot." From the "Filmmaker's Dictionary" by Ralph S. Singleton and James A. Conrad, edited by Janna Wong Healy, (2nd edition, 2000, Lone Eagle Publishing Co., Hollywood, California).