Translation please

Posted by Word Camel on September 17, 2004

In Reply to: Translation please posted by Lotg on September 17, 2004

: I've finished my Mark Billingham book, but there are still a few phrases that had me tricked.

: The scene is 3 coppers waiting in a meeting room for a meeting to begin. But there was still someone due to arrive. "Where's that plum from SO7 anyway?" asked Stone. "He's never here when he's needed is he?"

: What does 'plum' mean in this context? I really couldn't figure it out. Didn't know if it inferred snobbery, uselessness, the reverse, a bootlicker? No idea. Any help please?

Plum is probably short for plummy or posh (reputedly because they sound like they have a mouth full of plums when they speak)

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