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Non politically correct answer

Posted by Dhm on August 23, 2004

In Reply to: Non politically correct answer posted by ACME on August 23, 2004

: : : To anyone,

: : : Does that mean she's getting wrinkles as she ages?

: : : Thanks

: :
: : as a male, I interpret that as meaning that the woman takes advantage of her personal attractiveness so far as is possible. apparently good-looking people have lots of advantages, but I haven't read Nancy Friday's "The Power of Beauty" yet.

: She uses her looks to great advantage. There was a great Seinfeld show, when Jerry was going out with a 'drop dead georgous' blond. When he was stopped for driving too fast, the policeman just melted when she got out of the car, and she got a ticket for a sold out movie when all others were standing in line. In my experience this is true......really beautiful women can have most anything they want. (OK --- here comes the politically correct barrage on my head!)

As a fellow male, I am shocked...shocked, I learn that there are politically incorrect thinkers on this board! Your reply makes me wonder whether you have ever, in fact, known any truly beautiful women! If you have, would you mind passing along some telephone numbers? You may find a picture of me posted under the "Lardass" thread, below.