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Has or have?

Posted by Lotg (OZ) on September 08, 2004

In Reply to: Has or have? posted by Lotg (OZ) on September 08, 2004

: : : Is it true that an American would say, "The entire staff has resigned.", and an Aussie or a Brit would say, "The entire staff have resigned." ???

: : Usually, yes. I have no idea why there is this difference, but there is.

: Ignorance is the only explanation I can offer. Sorry to disagree, but I think that's a sweeping statement both ways - ie. for the Americans, Aussies and British.

If the truth be known, I'd play it safe and say, "all the staff members have resigned". Otherwise, in your example, I'd use 'has'. Oh yes, and sorry Koji, fyi, I'm Australian.