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Non politically correct answer

Posted by ACME on August 23, 2004

In Reply to: She gets mileage out of her looks posted by Lewis on August 23, 2004

: : To anyone,

: : Does that mean she's getting wrinkles as she ages?

: : Thanks

: as a male, I interpret that as meaning that the woman takes advantage of her personal attractiveness so far as is possible. apparently good-looking people have lots of advantages, but I haven't read Nancy Friday's "The Power of Beauty" yet.

She uses her looks to great advantage. There was a great Seinfeld show, when Jerry was going out with a 'drop dead georgous' blond. When he was stopped for driving too fast, the policeman just melted when she got out of the car, and she got a ticket for a sold out movie when all others were standing in line. In my experience this is true......really beautiful women can have most anything they want. (OK --- here comes the politically correct barrage on my head!)