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The jury is out

Posted by Ward on September 02, 2004

In Reply to: The jury is out posted by Bob on September 02, 2004

: : : What can the "out" mean?
: : : and how it is applied to the common langugage?

: : : Thanks

: : Just add the word "deliberating":
: : The jury is out deliberating the fate of the defendant.

: A jury physically moves from IN the courtroom (where they hear the evidence) to Outside the courtroom, to a separate room, where they discuss and decide the case.

'the jury is out' has taken on additional and broader meaning. Whenever the final word or decision on an issue is still pending, it is said that the jury is out. The agent making the decison is metaphorically compared with the jury. So it may be said that the jury is still out on that issue.