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Construction of a construction

Posted by Lotg on September 25, 2004

In Reply to: How do you build a building? posted by Acme on September 24, 2004

: : : Does anyone know how a verb such as 'building' managed to evolve into being a noun? I'm also trying to think of other examples that would fit into this category.

: : : This question has been prompted from hearing a comedian on a local radio station ask "why do they call something you have already built, a building?" Seemed like a fair question to me.

: : To answer a question with a question, "What is an erection? Something that has been erected?"

: I bet the Goddess knows the answer to that one.

She replies (chuckling knowingly, but casually ignoring ACME to avoid removal from the site), that yes Smokey, I had considered another version of that (a safer one methinks) - ie. constructing a construction, but then to keep it more in the vein of the original question, construction of a construction.