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Posted by Bookworm on August 12, 2004

In Reply to: Chic? posted by R. Berg on August 12, 2004

: : : : Anyone know what "chica" means?

: : : : CHICA -- "Something else struck this independent-minded chica who had high hopes for Bush four years ago and little interest in Kerry not so long ago:
: : : : Kerry's at the top of his game right now. His message is polished and focused. Bush, by contrast, must defend a record of too few jobs and too much war..." From "Bush speech to journalists flops" by Myriam Marquez, editorial page columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, in The Courier Journal, Louisville, Ky., Aug. 11, 2004. The column was about a Unity convention, a gathering of more than 7,000 minority journalists.

: : : chica = Latina = female Hispanic

: : So is this where the slang term 'chic' or 'chick' comes from? eg. She's a real cool chick?

: No, that kind of chick comes from "chicken." "Chica" originated as the feminine form of a Spanish adjective meaning attractive in a cute way. The masculine is "chico."

So, how did a shortened form of "chicken" come to mean a girl?