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One more

Posted by James Briggs on August 05, 2004

In Reply to: One more posted by dhm on August 05, 2004

: : : Howcome Bob rates so much of a mention in so many ways?

: : : eg:
: : : Why is Bob always your uncle, when often he's not?
: : : Why is a shilling a Bob?
: : : Why are hair pins called Bobby Pins?
: : : Why are cutesy socks called Bobby socks?
: : : Why do people put their two Bobs worth in?
: : : Why do people Bob about in the water?

: : : This Bob guy sure gets about.

: : Oh, and why are some haircuts called Bobs?

: Well, if dogs and horses can have their tails bobbed, I suppose young ladies cutting short their crowning glories may also.

: So how is a bobbin related to bob-wire?

Here's 'Bob's your uncle':
The origin here is not absolutely certain but I think the following is highly likely. It goes back to the 1890s and follows the appointment of Arthur Balfour as Secretary State for Ireland. The man who gave him the job was the then Prime Minister, Robert Cecil (Lord Salisbury), who also happened to be his uncle. If Bob was your uncle, then you got the job.

I guess that 'Bob' for shilling relates to someone's name too. Others may have more detail.

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