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Posted by Lotg (OZ) on August 04, 2004

In Reply to: Choo posted by DH on August 02, 2004

: : : ESC: Thanks. Shows I don't get out much

: : haha, that's sad Dale, but can I give you a tip that I recently gave to another new PF member. Can you please not delete the previous threads before you reply, cos it makes us hard for us other PF voyeurs to work out what you said that started it. Cos - don't forget, you might not be the only one that doesn't get out much. chuckle Thanks

: Lap: Aha, now I understand. But am I the only one who thinks this forum is unnecessarily complex and confusing?

Probably not, but the rest of us pretentious souls would never admit that we could be that dopey, cos we know there are some real geniuses out there (considerable snickering!!!!!!)

Actually, smart remarks aside, it's really pretty straight forward, but there are few tricks you gotta get the hang of. eg. the system generates it's own colons, so don't stick any in yourself like dropkick here (ie. me) used to when I started.

Another one is, just before you're about to enter a query, check the search box to ensure it hasn't been discussed before - like I'm about to do before I query the phrase 'keep your hand in'.

Don't worry Dale, this is definitely not rocket science, you'll settle in nicely.