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Funny Ha Ha...

Posted by Wim on July 22, 2004

In Reply to: Funny Ha Ha... posted by Bob on July 19, 2004

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: : : : : Thanks.
: : : : an expression of appreciation.

: : : >> Lewis, this was meant as an expression, maybe I should've put my name under to avoid any confusion, but thanks anyway. :-)

: : : Regarding "doing a number on you", can it mean be used to mean something that causes a lot of hassles or problems of the non-physical kind.

: : : And as for "left of center", I've heard it being used in casual conversation without any political context so what's the meaning here.

: : : Thanks,
: : : Kitty.

: : The distinction between left and right comes from the French Revolution. When the assembly of citizens met, those with more conservative ideas occupied the right side of the chamber while those with radical ideas occupied the left. When people use 'left of centre' they do generally mean more politically to the left. When people use it in casual conversation without a political context as you describe, they probably mean unconventional or more radical than the norm.

: There was a U.S. tv show in the early 50's called "Beanie and Cecil". When told something was funny, Cecil (the seasick sea serpent) would ask "is that funny peculiar or funny ha ha?" It became a catch phrase.

: AND PLEASE, Danger Kitty, do NOT erase part of the dialog when you respond. Those of us who want to see the whole discussion can just click once, on the last item.

In my opinion: "to do a number" means "to cheat of to trick" somebody. Number then originates from the trickster(s) who had a code (i.e. a number) to signal eachother how exactly to fraude thet victim.