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Funny Ha Ha...

Posted by Lewis on July 19, 2004

In Reply to: Funny Ha Ha... posted by * Danger Kitty* on July 19, 2004

: Hi, please help with:

: Do a number on you (eg. this math sum really does a number on me)

that's a joke - to 'do a number on' somebody is to injure them, usually seriously. maths involes numbers so the joke is that the sum injured the mind of the person trying to solve it.

: Funny ha ha
funny can mean strange or odd as well as humorous - so to clarify, people say 'funny ha ha' to confirm it is amusing. There is a famous scene in Goodfellas about the expression.

: Left of center
politically - debating chambers have traditionally had places where different groups of like-minded people sit. the left is traditionally the less authoritarian place in the chamber, but it has become more formalised over the years. left=socialist/communist
left of centre suggests not extremely left wing, more moderate, but still socialist.

: Jump the fence
horse racing - horses jump fences or hurdles.

: Thanks.
an expression of appreciation.