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"hold the floor"

Posted by Miri Barak on August 18, 2004

In Reply to: "Hold the floor" posted by ESC on August 18, 2004

: : : : My context:
: : : : "Scollon & Scollon's concept of "distribution of talk" which refers t the mutual agreement between individuals as to who talks first, *holds the floor*, how each takes a turn or interrupts is useful here..."

: : : : I'm not sure about the meaning of "holds the floor".
: : : : Is it who has the right to speak, or who dominates the conversation and speaks most of the time?

: : : : Thank you very much

: : : The humble frog guess:
: : : "holds the floor" = "takes control"
: : : Experts will certainly add on...

: : No experts here. But I can tell you that holding the floor/yielding the floor has to do with parliamentary procedure regarding who will speak.

: "Floor" as in (Merriam-Webster) 5c:

: 5b : the members of an assembly. Took questions from the floor. c : the right to address an assembly. The senator from Utah has the floor.

Thanks Michael and ESC. in this case it's a communication between people.
I understand that it is the one who has the permission to talk.