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"did the earth move?" -- the big "O"

Posted by Lotg (OZ) on July 14, 2004

In Reply to: "Did the earth move?" -- the big "O" posted by Lexi on July 14, 2004

: : : : Just sent a message that there was just a little (4.1 or so) earthquake here in Southern California. The answer I got back from around the world was sort of "did the earth move for you" ............ I hadn't thought of that connection, and wonder about the history of that particular thought and phrase.

: : : Dunno who said it first, but whoever it was, was setting the standard I expect.

: : Are you talking about the earth moving as in an earthquake or as in "love"? I am guessing that the old romance novels and magazines were the source of many euphemisms for s-e-x.

: I remember a line in an old 70s movie --"An Unmarried Woman" where one character asks the title person this question just after she had s+e+x with her husband. It was a question about the strength and power of the 'big O' she might have had. The theory being that a great orgasm was like being in an earthquake. (Every one I've ever had was great!)

Funny thing to say? I mean, can there be such a thing as a bad orgasm? Sounds like an oxymoron to me.