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Apology Accepted -- further

Posted by Acme on June 20, 2004

In Reply to: A bit extreme, Mr Kahl posted by Bruce Kahl on June 20, 2004

: : : : : Sunday, July 13, 2003
: : : : : P-I Focus: Power of presidency resides in language as well as law

: : : : : By RENANA BROOKS

: : : : : George W. Bush is generally regarded as a mangler of the English language.

: : : : : What is overlooked is his mastery of emotional language -- especially negatively charged emotional language -- as a political tool.

: : : : :

: : : : Oh, you Democrats.

: : : 1972 and we had another neo-skinhead sitting in DC, Mr. Acme. Oh, you Nazis.

: : : We're the Cops of the World
: : : Our boots are needing a shine, boys
: : : Boots are needing a shine
: : : But our Coca-Cola is fine, boys
: : : Coca-Cola is fine

: : : We've got to protect all our citizens fair
: : : So we'll send a battalion for everyone there
: : : And maybe we'll leave in a couple of years
: : : 'Cause we're the Cops of the World, boys
: : : We're the Cops of the World

: : : We'll spit through the streets of the cities we wreck
: : : And we'll find you a leader that you can't elect
: : : Those treaties we signed were a pain in the neck
: : : 'Cause we're the Cops of the World, boys
: : : We're the Cops of the World
: : : ---Phil Ochs, 1972 or so

: : It seems that having Mr Kahl call me a Nazi is a bit extreme -- and totally uncalled for. Pity. An apology would be appropriate.
: : Please demonstrate the content and depth of meaning in the political dialog of Mr. Kerry and I will retire from the discussion. We should not be doing politics here, anyway.

: I did not at all try to indicate that YOU are a Nazi. If that is the way it was taken then yes, I apologize. Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

: I just have a great disgust for this man who sits in DC right now, running this thing.

: Although the quest for or preservation of "democracy" is often used as a justification for war, history has incessantly revealed that such a quest is often little more than a thinly-veiled attempt to install a puppet regime.

: The Bush/Germany in the 1930s comparisons are, to me , quite startling:

: A conservative, authoritarian style, with public appearances in military uniform (which no previous American president has ever done while in office).

: Government by secrecy, propaganda and deception. Open assaults on labor unions and workers' rights. Preemptive war and militant nationalism. Contempt for international law and treaties.

: Suspiciously convenient "terrorist" attacks, to justify a police state and the suspension of liberties.

: A carefully manufactured image of "The Leader," who's still just a "regular guy" and a "moderate."

: "Freedom" as the rationale for every action.

: Fantasy economic growth, based on unprecedented budget deficits and massive military spending.

: And a cold, pragmatic ideology of fascism-including the violent suppression of dissent and other human rights; the use of torture, assassination and concentration camps; and most important, Benito Mussolini's preferred definition of "fascism" as "corporatism, because it binds together the interests of corporations and the state."

: This guy just HAS to go.

Apology accepted, Mr. Kahl. However, your following political outburst further convinced me that this is not the place for discussions of this nature. Emotional outpourings of extreme US positions do not seem to be what this worldwide forum is about. My humble opinion.