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A bit extreme, Mr Kahl

Posted by Acme on June 19, 2004

In Reply to: Emotional language posted by Bruce Kahl on June 19, 2004

: : : Sunday, July 13, 2003
: : : P-I Focus: Power of presidency resides in language as well as law


: : : George W. Bush is generally regarded as a mangler of the English language.

: : : What is overlooked is his mastery of emotional language -- especially negatively charged emotional language -- as a political tool.

: : :

: : Oh, you Democrats.

: 1972 and we had another neo-skinhead sitting in DC, Mr. Acme. Oh, you Nazis.

: We're the Cops of the World
: Our boots are needing a shine, boys
: Boots are needing a shine
: But our Coca-Cola is fine, boys
: Coca-Cola is fine

: We've got to protect all our citizens fair
: So we'll send a battalion for everyone there
: And maybe we'll leave in a couple of years
: 'Cause we're the Cops of the World, boys
: We're the Cops of the World

: We'll spit through the streets of the cities we wreck
: And we'll find you a leader that you can't elect
: Those treaties we signed were a pain in the neck
: 'Cause we're the Cops of the World, boys
: We're the Cops of the World
: ---Phil Ochs, 1972 or so

It seems that having Mr Kahl call me a Nazi is a bit extreme -- and totally uncalled for. Pity. An apology would be appropriate.
Please demonstrate the content and depth of meaning in the political dialog of Mr. Kerry and I will retire from the discussion. We should not be doing politics here, anyway.