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Emotional language

Posted by Bruce Kahl on June 19, 2004

In Reply to: Emotional language posted by Acme on June 18, 2004

: : Sunday, July 13, 2003
: : P-I Focus: Power of presidency resides in language as well as law


: : George W. Bush is generally regarded as a mangler of the English language.

: : What is overlooked is his mastery of emotional language -- especially negatively charged emotional language -- as a political tool.

: :

: Oh, you Democrats.

1972 and we had another neo-skinhead sitting in DC, Mr. Acme. Oh, you Nazis.

We're the Cops of the World
Our boots are needing a shine, boys
Boots are needing a shine
But our Coca-Cola is fine, boys
Coca-Cola is fine

We've got to protect all our citizens fair
So we'll send a battalion for everyone there
And maybe we'll leave in a couple of years
'Cause we're the Cops of the World, boys
We're the Cops of the World

We'll spit through the streets of the cities we wreck
And we'll find you a leader that you can't elect
Those treaties we signed were a pain in the neck
'Cause we're the Cops of the World, boys
We're the Cops of the World
---Phil Ochs, 1972 or so