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Posted by ESC on June 18, 2004

New Internet phrases as seen on

Beardo - a combination of "beard" and "weirdo." Think about a reclusive computer-geek type that neglects personal hygeine (growing a greasy beard) and downloads porn compulsively.

Sad Hatter - a loser, especially a loser whose interests and behavior are so bizarre and "out there" that it's pathetic. As in "This convention is full of beardos and Sad Hatters" or "Paging the Sad Hatter!'

A s shat- basically another word for "butthead." As in "don't be such an a**hat." "Putting on the a**hat" is what happens when an Internet user realizes s/he made a stupid mistake. As in "Oops, I posted that twice. I guess I'll have to put on the a**hat now."