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If a girl says 'my arks' what is she referring to?

Posted by Smokey Stover on June 15, 2004

In Reply to: If a girl says 'my arks' what is she referring to? posted by Jemima on June 13, 2004

: so far I have found these:

: my box or coffer (as in arkwright, the box maker)

: - The boat built by Noah for survival during the Flood;

: - Nautical. A large, commodious boat;

: - A shelter or refuge

: - orifices (holes)

: - slang for genitals (equivalent to blues singers expression 'shake your money maker' which also covers the hips)

: phrases:
: -You must have come out of the ark, or you were born in the ark; because you are so old-fashioned, and ignorant of current events.

: any idea on this one

There should be a song starting "Without a context . . ." I can feel very stupid if I have to guess the context as well as the word. Did you see "arks" or hear it? Is it possible that you should or could drop the "k"? Is she English? Just guessing. SS