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A good deal whether I ever forgive you

Posted by Bookworm on June 02, 2004

In Reply to: A good deal whether I ever forgive you posted by CjK on June 02, 2004

: A man did sth wrong to a girl ... he begged her to forgive him ... and she said:

: "It depends upon-a good deal whether I ever forgive you."

: What this means? Did she forgive? ... Thank you.

She hasn't forgiven him in this sentence. However, she is letting him know that her forgiveness "depends on a good deal". This means that the decision to grant him forgiveness is based upon other factors. I don't know what wrong he committed, so I don't know what factors she would have in mind. Also, by saying "..ever forgive you", she is hinting that she may not forgive him at all.