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Heartbreakers vol II

Posted by Anti on June 02, 2004

1) Two girls are playing cons to men in order to steal their money. But one of them wants to con a normal guy and the other one wants them to con an old man. Younger one says she's gonne be one her one then but the older one says: "Page, I've told you before,no simultaneous cons. Too many angles. They always go bad."
Younger one answers: "What? You don't think I can be the primary, do you?"

What is the meaning of "Too many angles. They always go bad" in this context?

What is the meaning of "You don't think I can be the primary"

2) What means "I cpuld have an intelligence of a thermos"?

3)Well, Jack, looks like she got a free drink...and one of your balls.

What cpuld be the meaning of that balls part?

4)"You're like a Brady or an Osmond or something."
who are Brady and Osmond?

A woman helps her friend, who's thanking her. After that she says: "I had a blast. I've been out ofthe game for so long...I've forgotten how much fun it could be--"

What is "I had a blast"?

5) A guy points his gun to two girls who tricked him and says:"You know, you two got some brass balls in those panties, I'll give you that. In the few moments you have left...I want to see some begging and some pleading."

What are Brass balls?
And what means "In the few moments you have left" in this context?

Thank you very much!