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"Revolt of the Colonies Day"

Posted by Lewis on July 05, 2004

In Reply to: "Revolt of the Colonies Day" posted by Brian from Shawnee (Pennsylania) on July 04, 2004

: : : I used to have planning meetings in London every year during the first week in July. As a Yank, this caused me to miss the 4th of July festivities at home, where the US celebrates its Independence Day -- and still makes a big deal out of that.
: : : The first year that this happened, I was talking to a London local and complaining a bit that I would miss the family get together for the celebration. He said -- 'Oh, thats right, you celebrate that Revolt of the Colonies Day there, don't you?' That brought an immediate smile to me, since we all have our own perspective on the world -- and it's important to respect and understand that there's more than one way to look at a thing.
: : : My best wishes to all of us -- whether we celebrate Independence, or Revolt, or something else.

: : God bless America.

: And a belated happy Canada Day (July 1) which is still celebrated by many Canadians. And an even more belated happy St. Jean Baptiste Day (June 24) to the other Canadians!

Ironic that political stupidity in London prompted the revolt - "no taxation without representation" sounds a fair principle of taxation and democracy - how difficult would it have been to organise?
Drat! I've just sided with the Revolutionaries!