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Three questions

Posted by ESC (USA) on July 04, 2004

In Reply to: Three questions posted by Natty on July 04, 2004

: 1. What is the meaning of "had cleared their memory" in the following excerpt:

: Christina was an orphan whose parents had died in debt. Nicholas, to Christina's everlasting gratitude, had cleared their memory...

: "had cleared their memory"=?

: 2. Someone says that young men will sell even their soul for gold, and he emphasizes that by adding: "Young, to whom the world promises all things for gold."

: What is the meaning of his addition?
: Please say that in another words.

: 3. What is the meaning of the phrase:

: "His creditors have agreed to look to me."

: Thank you!

1. "cleared their memory." Paid the dead parents' debt so that people would think well of them.

2. Don't know.

3. "His creditors have agreed to look to me." He is taking responsibility for someone else's debt.