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"Revolt of the Colonies Day"

Posted by Ward on July 03, 2004

I used to have planning meetings in London every year during the first week in July. As a Yank, this caused me to miss the 4th of July festivities at home, where the US celebrates its Independence Day -- and still makes a big deal out of that.
The first year that this happened, I was talking to a London local and complaining a bit that I would miss the family get together for the celebration. He said -- 'Oh, thats right, you celebrate that Revolt of the Colonies Day there, don't you?' That brought an immediate smile to me, since we all have our own perspective on the world -- and it's important to respect and understand that there's more than one way to look at a thing.
My best wishes to all of us -- whether we celebrate Independence, or Revolt, or something else.