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* Good Cop Bad Cop *

Posted by Vidhya on June 30, 2004

Please tell me the meaning of the foll. phrases:

Good Cop Bad Cop

Waters-edgily on.
"Should Kerry act water's-edgily on Iraq? Or should he satisfyhis angry left now, figuring he can go statesmanlike in October?"

"take pen in hoof" "staying the course"
"put on the fast track" "lurch toward the doves"
"on the high road" "riggings" "raptor face"
"cover the market" "get a rise out of"

"dingers" "asleep at the switch "cheat sheet and cribsheet" "Heavens to..","hone your chops" "choming at his bit", "carnival barker"

"straight line of a man",
"doffed", "all over the place", "throw her under the bus", "take one for the team"