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Posted by Brian from Shawnee on June 30, 2004

In Reply to: SHOTGUNNED...... posted by Vidhya on June 30, 2004

: >> "shotgunned it" - Not sure. What's the sentence? Does it have to do with drinking a "shot" of alcohol?

: Here's the sentence:
: Apple is the first baby for the A-list marrieds, who *shotgunned* it in a secret Santa Barbara ceremony last December, less than a week after revealing they were with child.

Oh, that's different! They're talking about a "shotgun wedding". Back in the old days if an unmarried man got an unmarried woman pregnant, her father and/or other male relatives might just get out the shotguns and march the couple down to the Justice of the Peace for a quick marriage. The shotguns were meant to encourage the man to "do the right thing". The idea was to avoid bringing shame on the woman's family, at any cost! I don't know how often this type of ceremony occurred, but the image still remains with us.