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Off target, Rube

Posted by Rude Boy on May 13, 2004

In Reply to: Aim posted by Rube on May 11, 2004

: : Do women have those tattoos on the small of the back to give us something to aim for?

: "Us" no. You, likely. The rest of us are allowed the actual target.

My curiosity is because I've never been with a woman who had a tattoo, let alone there. When I were a lad, free and single, women with tattoos were a rarity in my area - at college only 1 white girl had any facial mechano - and that was after she went to India.
As I have been monogamous for a looooong time, I never get orders to 'pull out - she canna take it captain' etc., so I did not know the etiquette/possible purpose of tattoos in that location, but simply posited that if one were obliged to interrupt coitus, it might be a challenge.