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Pls, make it clear for me!

Posted by Dhm on May 10, 2004

In Reply to: Pls, make it clear for me! posted by CjK on May 09, 2004

: This is from Mark Twain's 'A Telephonic Conversation'...

: "It's forty-ninth Deuteronomy, sixty-fourth to ninety-seventh inclusive." ... I cannot figure out what these fractions made from. At first, I guessed they're chapters & pages. I've searched for Deuteronomy, there are only 34 chapters, and 29 paragraphs in chapter 9. ... I'm not a Christain nor English native speaker. Pls, make it clear for me!

They're not actually fractions but ordinal references to Biblical chapter and verse. In this case Deuteronomy 49th (chapter), 64th to 97th verses. Of course, there is no such chapter, hence the joke.