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What is music jamming or song jamming?

Posted by Rube on May 21, 2004

In Reply to: What is music jamming or song jamming? posted by Curious Student on May 21, 2004

: What does the phrase "music jamming" refer to? Why does it have the word "jam" in it? What meaning of the word "jam" supports the intended meaning of the phrase "music jamming"?

: With what intent do musicians jam music?

Their intent is to make music.

A jam session is a bunch musicians together improvising - not playing to any set score or written music.

It is called a "jam" session from professional gigs. Say three bands played one night at the Blue Note or Funk House. After the last show, members from all three bands would gather together to improvise. They would have to "jam" (crowd) together on often small bandstands.