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Thank you very much

Posted by Miri Barak on April 26, 2004

In Reply to: I't in the elements (second question) posted by Henry on April 25, 2004

: : : : : Context (a film)

: : : : : "The soldiers had problems with their last dog, but Rain lets them know there will be *no dissension in the ranks"*.

: : : : : It is said about a dog (Rain) who participated in fighting and he is introduced to his new squad.
: : : : : They had some problems with the last dog, and this one makes something clear, but what exactly?
: : : : : and what does they mean in the ranks?

: : : : : thank you very much!

: : : : I have one more question:
: : : : The series I'm translating is wild on set, animals participating in films.
: : : : The chapter's name is "it's in the elements".
: : : : I cannot translate it because I don't quite understand it. the elements I know refer to nature, but what does this combination: "it' in the elements" mean?

: : : : Most grateful to you

: : : Dissension in the ranks
: : : Soldiers line up in ranks, side by side, and files, one behind another. The "rank and file" means ordinary soldiers or, in a civilian organisation, ordinary working people. Dissension in the ranks is argument among the workers, bad in a working team of men or dogs.

: : : It's in the elements
: : : The "elements" may well mean the weather. It may mean "According to the weather" or "Depending upon the weather".
: : : A creature in its element would be one in the habitat it is adapted to - a polar bear on an ice sheet, for example.

: : Thank you very much, Henry

: : "For the second question I'll bring more context:
: : From the sting of old man winter to the mother of all battles, filmmakers know that drama is in the elements. So animal actors must always be prepared, whatever the situation, to sink their teeth into a role for action that's wild on the set".

: : Thanks again!

: It could still be the weather, that can be dramatic enough. Snow in winter. Strong winds. Thunder and lightning. Waves breaking.