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Thanks Word Camel

Posted by ESC on April 24, 2004

In Reply to: Thanks Word Camel posted by Lotg on April 24, 2004

: : Here's a link to a review of several books that look at Shakespeare's impact impact on the language. The books look good - though Brush up Your Shakespeare has been around for - and the article makes mention of a number of phrases we've discussed here. I'm not sure we attributed them all to Willam though.

: : Best,

: : Camel

: Thanks, on a personal level, I'd love to see more sites like these, so any similar offerings would be gratefully received (by me anyway).

I, too, am grateful. But after reading the article, I couldn't access the site a second time so I could paste the address in my reply. So I didn't. And now the page is gone. Life is like that sometimes.