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Did you

Posted by R. Berg on April 23, 2004

In Reply to: Did you posted by Rube on April 22, 2004

: forget the question so fast? There's a question above and I responded.

: You had to click on both the original post and then on my response at the bottom of that page? I didn't realize how troublesome this could be.

: What were you going to do with the 2/10s of a second it took you to complete this action?

Rube, that was I who posted the plea to which you respond sarcastically. Many followers of this discussion forum click only on the lowest post in a thread, expecting to read the whole thread, with the query first and then the responses. Sometimes, when reading a follow-up, I want to review a detail in the original query or in an earlier follow-up. Sometimes I want to do that when posting a follow-up, especially if the query is long and complex or I need to quote from it to help the questioner.

Let me guess: you have a fast connection and your pages load instantly? Not everyone's do.