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I submit

Posted by Ward on April 22, 2004

In Reply to: I submit posted by Lewis on April 22, 2004

: : In reviewing materials for an upcoming Board meeting, I came across the 'respectfully submitted' above the signiture line on a number of reports.
: : I've seen this thousands of times without thinking about it or the origin of this particular useage. Does anyone know the origin of this...........?

: The tradition of common-law countries is that court cases are decided by an adversarial trial in which the two sides both submit evidence and cite law in favour of their case whilst also acknowledging the views of the other side. lawyers who appeared in court were 'gentlemen advocates' and were expected to behave with decorum and politeness. thus, when disagreeing with the opponent one had to show respect and the degree of respect articulated was usually inverse to the weight attached to the others' point of view. to say something 'with respect' means 'I disagree with you' and to say 'with the utmost respect' means 'I think you are talking complete bollocks'.
: So to introduce something in court, one can say that it is 'respectfully submitted' - especially if it is potentially a source of dispute. to 'submit' may be used either figuratively or literally - some documents would be literally 'submitted' into evidence and a point of argument may be figuratively 'submitted' - dealing with it placed into the hands of the Judge.
: That, I submit, with the greatest of respect, is the case.

::Lewis -- thank you. Your wisdom, and your sense of humor, are both respectfully acknowledged.