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Posted by Kate on April 21, 2004

In Reply to: Jimmy-rigged posted by al on April 21, 2004

: : : What is the phrase origin for "jimmy-rigged"?

: : : The archives has a discussion under "jury-rigged" if that is what you mean. Also, try a Google search with "jury rigged" for some other interesting discussions.

: Then there is the verb to jimmy meaning to force open, could the original have confused or deliberately merged jury-rigged with to jemmy?

Hi, thanks for the response. Jerry-built does not provide the meaning I'm searching for. Jury-rigged is more like the nuance. The nuance has to do with a foregone conclusion. Sort of like jury-rigged. A jerry-rigged conclusion would be masked by something that looks like a deliberative process. So, perhaps I was looking for jury-rigged.

Jerry-rigged turns up in google searches, usint the meaning I've assigned to it.

Jerry-built (slap dash construction)
Jury-rigged (a foregon conclusion masked by a deliberative process)

Jerry-rigged (a foregone conclusion that's based on sort of a slap-dash method of arriving at the foregone conclusion)