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Come come

Posted by Rude Boy on April 19, 2004

In Reply to: Piffle posted by Rube on April 16, 2004

: : It is all to do with sexual etiquette"

: No it doesn't. It has been used in this context, but only in a humourous vein and only after the phrase had currency.

: "However, it is a fallacy that moral or good mannered people cannot succeed, but it does usually take a little longer"

: Certainly this phrase does not imply that "nice guys" can't succeed; only as you note, "it does usually take a little longer".

As Kenneth Horne once said "You can make anything sound as if it has a double meaning - if you know how!"

Rude Boy does his best to expose insincere coyness and dissuade others from mincing their oaths. A bit of blatant crudery has its place in any discussion on language.

As for implying that RB was only "Mr One Shot", I did say except in a marathon stint - but I can't honestly remember more than 5, IIRC.