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Nice guys

Posted by Rude Boy on April 16, 2004

In Reply to: "Nice guys finish last" posted by EE on April 16, 2004

: Can anyone out there tell me the origin of this expression and other similar expressions? Thanks.

It is all to do with sexual etiquette - as men ('guys') only shoot one load (except in marathon stints) and then want to get up and do something else or sleep - it is good manners to make sure that your woman orgasms first - thus 'nice guys come/finish last'.

an alternative explanation would be that polite ('nice') guys let others go first and thus do not succeed. However, it is a fallacy that moral or good mannered people cannot succeed, but it does usually take a little longer as they do not take the immoral short-cuts and if one also appies the maxim that 'what goes around, comes around' - nice guys should not end up being last as 'sharp' people often sow seeds of their undoing.