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Reap the whirlwind

Posted by SilverHawk on April 06, 2004

In Reply to: Reap the whirlwind posted by - on April 04, 2004

: Hello, I was just hoping to find out the origin and meaning of the saying which goes something like "sow the wind; reap the whirlwind." Thanks!

this is a biblical verse "those who sow the wind shall reap the worldwind" it means that that those to sow little seeds of evil (wind) shall eventually have to harvest the entire crop of damage (worldwind). simillar in meaning to "what goes around comes around." but with a warning that it comes back multiplied. it may seem insignificant at the time of sowing (e.g. gossip/rumour) but it can grow into a full blown worldwind which will eventually distroy all including the sowers.