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"bloody blowing"

Posted by R. Berg on April 02, 2004

In Reply to: "Bloody blowing" posted by Miri Barak on April 02, 2004

: it's New Zealand, a chopper intends to land in a motor camp after picking a sick sailor from the boat, they look down and it's full of tents, the pilot says:

: "Well it's pretty *rug* over the camping ground, *probably wind up bloody blowing* ah, tents all over the place".

: I have difficulty with "rug", does he mean that the camp site is full of tents?
: and especially have difficulty with understanding "wing up bloody blowing" - does he mean that they will blow the tents, damaging them?

: Most grateful to you

I don't understand "rug." Could he have said "rough"?

He's using "bloody" as an adverbial intensifier. The air current from the helicopter's spinning rotor will blow the tents away if he tries to land on the campsite.