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Posted by Bob on March 09, 2000

In Reply to: APWABHT posted by Barney on March 08, 2000

: : : My lad has come home from nursery with a proverb competition.
: : : The first letters of words in the proverb are A P W A B H T.

: : : Please help me get this proverb. Last one to do

: : I'm at a loss. Anyway have any ideas?

: "A Pilchard Worries, A Bear Has Teeth" I could tell you that this was an ancient Irish proverb but I doubt you'd swallow it.

"A poor workman always blames his tools." Whew! That took 4 commutes of 45 minutes each. It should have come faster, but I usually think of this proverb as I hack around the golf course, blaming the sticks.