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The Whole 9 Yards

Posted by Barry on February 28, 2000

In Reply to: The Whole 9 Yards posted by ESC on February 28, 2000

: : : I had always understood it to refere to the amount of fabric in a man's fully pleated kilt. As a theatrical costumer I *have* made them and it does take that much .


: : Gary

: Maybe this is a clue. I was just reading a murder mystery that had a reference to pouring concrete to build a dam. The term "four-yard bucket" of concrete was used.

In the UK - as a result of our joining the EU - we are changing all Imperial measurements to the Metric standard. As a result we've been notified that all phrases referencing the old measurement standards may no longer be used.

It's not necessary to expunge such references from literature etc. but it is not lawful to include them in new work published after Jan 1st 2000. Hence you'll find little comment from this side of the pond on the subject matter of this thread.

Remember, we have a government now who are wedded to 'The Third Way'.