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Posted by Tomar on February 23, 2000

In Reply to: COP posted by Mary on February 23, 2000

: Hello again, Thank You for your reponse re: GOP.
: I'm not trying to be funny but I would also like to ask about "COP" referring to a policeman.
: Someone had told me that it meant "Chief Of Police"
: at one time. Is this true? Acronyms are used so often
: that the original words are sometimes forgotten for years.

I actually heard that Cop used to stand for Chief of Police, but a couple things keep me from truly believing that. 1 - Even though it makes sense, you know, Chief of Police, that's...not what the word means. Cop is a reference to just a policeman, not necessarily the captain. 2 - The word has been around for a long time, and as we all know, words like 'the' and 'of' were not, and usually still today are not, used in acronyms.