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Joke Top Titles

Posted by Jeff waite on February 23, 2000

In Reply to: Joke Top Titles posted by Dragonscall on February 20, 2000

I like "Le Grande Fromage", French for The Big Cheese)
: I am compliling a list of titles that the guy at the top would use (jokingly)
: Heres what I got so far, if any of you more-smarter-than-I type people could add to the list or correct my spelling even, that would be great!

: Head Honcho
: Big Cheese
: Top Dog
: Guy Upstairs
: All Around Great Guy
: Biggest and Brightest
: Maximus Greatus
: Top Banana
: Omniscient One
: Big Kahuna
: Big Fish in a Little Pond
: El Captitian

: Thank you all you great peoples!