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Posted by Miri Barak on March 22, 2004

In Reply to: Dash cam Theater posted by Lewis on March 22, 2004

: : : : : : I found that there is a dash cam video which takes video of police officers in embarrassing situations.
: : : : : : Is it a hidden camera? or soemthing official of the police?
: : : : : : The series I'm translating now "what were you thinknig?" is about such situations of officers on duty.
: : : : : : I wonder if I can call it hidden camera?

: : : : : : thank you
: : : : : It's a small camera mounted on the dashboard (therefore dash cam) of a police car, and it records what goes on in front of the car. During traffic stops, for example, when the police park behind the car stopped, the camera will record how the people involved behave. It's there to provide court evidence, and to prevent (if, on occasion, prove) claims of police misconduct.

: : : : Most grateful for your answer, could you help me also with the question of "fly bar"?
: : : : I'm not sure about it.

: : : : Thanks

: : : Not "fly bar." Bar fly. It's a derogatory description of a man (almost always a man) who hangs around in a saloon, sitting on the same stool for hours, day after day. It connotes worthlessness (as much as a fly is valuable) and predicability (same bar, every day.) It doesn't mean anti-social, since bar flies may be story-tellers or otherwise gregarious, but they are often solitary, borderline alcoholics, with no ambition or energy.

: : Thank you Bob, very much. Now I understand why I couln't find it, I was looking for fly bar.
: : Well i'm still in a state of a shock because of this thing I have to translate.

: I've heard 'Bar-fly' used of women more than men - as if it were the opposite of a 'butter-fly'. Bar flies just hang around bars, often not causing any trouble, just killing time day after day.

Thank you, this is an interesting remark.