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Reading Comprehension and some phrases

Posted by Henry on March 18, 2004

In Reply to: Reading Comprehension and some phrases posted by Bookworm on March 18, 2004

: : Hi, could you please work it out for me?
: : The keys are:
: : 1. B 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. A
: : But my choices for No.4 & 5 are D & B! Could you explain these 2 questions?

: : And what does 'the average bear' mean?

: The answer key is indeed correct.

: From the story itself:

: > Another thing that bothers me: What if Elmo
: > isn't real? He can't be a mere puppet! He's got > a better attitude than most people. I just keep > wondering.

: The author is asking if Elmo is real and then stating the he can't be a mere puppet. This is said with disbelief and the author is actually saying that he wants to believe that Elmo is real.

: The answer to question #5 can be found here:

: > Maybe we'll run into that mouse who dresses
: > well but certainly doesn't speak as clearly as > the average bear.

: This passage states that the mouse on TV doesn't speak as clearly as "the average bear". The origin of this has been explained in a previous post, and is used here to mean that the mouse's ability to speak clearly is below average.

The key is correct, but these are very difficult questions. Certainly for me!