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Low end; wired

Posted by R. Berg on March 17, 2004

In Reply to: Thank you very much posted by Miri Barak on March 17, 2004

: : : : : *On the low end*, a three-pack of agile, pint-sized, carnivores.

: : : : : Again I'm in need of your indispensable help:

: : : : : is it simply the end of somewhere, which is lower, that is a location?

: : : : : because later they say:
: : : : : "Towering above them..."

: : : : : Thanks a lot
: : : : Almost certainly a reference to their small size. An interesting choice of words, though. "On the low end" is often used to describe those items that are cheapest on a price list or menu. The metaphor works if my guess is right.

: : : "But no one's *wired to stay afraid* for too long, including Pod"

: : : somehow I don't understand this sentence. I know that wired is excited or nervous but what does he want to say exactly?
: : : Thanks a lot

: : Wired = hardwired? Pod can choose whether to continue to be afraid.

For "low end," more context is needed. Are you still translating something about a veterinary hospital? "On the low end" might mean the three carnivores have lower priority; their case isn't an emergency, and the doctor doesn't have to see them before other patients. It might mean instead that the doctor doesn't much want to treat them.

"Wired" doesn't mean "nervous" here. It means "biologically programmed." Pod's brain won't sustain prolonged fear.