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Thank you very much my friends and good health to the dogs

Posted by Miri Barak on March 10, 2004

In Reply to: Hot spots posted by Ward Fredericks on March 10, 2004

: : : : : A dog is confined in the isolation kennels:

: : : : : someone asks: is she scratching a lot?

: : : : : and the answer:
: : : : : "a little bit. A couple of *raw ends* ...

: : : : : My question: what does she mean by raw ends?
: : : : : I saw this combination in google quite a lot so it must be somethin??

: : : : : Thank you very much.

: : : : : I think it means that the dog has been scratching so much in a couple of areas that it has irritated the skin beneath the fur to the point that it is raw.

: : : When a long object, say a pipe or a length of wire or rope, is broken or severed, the jagged or ragged ends would be called raw ends. Severed nerves will also have raw ends. For the dog, the sore areas may perhaps be better described as raw spots or patches.

: : My dog had a disorder that resulted in what the vet called "hot spots." Those were little raw, red patches under the fur. The vet grabbed an electric razor and started shaving Pooch, exposing the red spots. My daughter, who was around 3, was with me. She started screaming because she thought her dog was being hurt. Pretty memorable incident.

: 'hot spots' result from a dog continually licking an insect bite, irritation or a small wound, and actually introducing infection to the wound because of the moist hairy area. Treatment, as ESC suggests, is to shave the area and expose it to the air, and coupled with an antibiotic like Keflex, to cool down the hot spot.