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Very smart:)

Posted by Barney on March 09, 2004

In Reply to: Very smart:) posted by chance on March 09, 2004

: : : Barney, in this posting you have used the sentence "Hope that flies below the follicles".

: : : Is this a phrase or something? Also would you be kind enough to explain the meaning. Thank You

: : If it passes over your head and you just don't understand it, it "flies above the follicles": if you understand it, it "flies below the follicles". Is that above or below the follicles?

: hi barney! you seriously didnt expect me to say 'above' this time did you? :) Thanks a lot anyways it was a very good example. oh another thing do you also have a phrase for saying that it was neither above nor below ie you understood but not completely

Well I have heard the phrase "Grazed the follicles".